Face Treatment

CatioVital ~ $75 (1hr 10mins)
The “Sauna” effect of the heat mask cleanses and purifies the skin in depth. It eliminates excess sebum in sebaceous glands, as well as the toxins that have accumulated in the sweat glands. The skin is beautifully clean and breathes again.

Catio Lift ~ $95 (60mins)
A Unique, exclusive treatment method for face, neck and eyes, using the Stimulation function of the  new  Catiovital lift appliance, which has an immediate, spectacular lifting effect.

Beaute Lifting ~ $85 (60mins)
3 rejuvenating effects: anti-wrinkle, revitalizing and firming.

Peel & Lift  Treatment ~ $75 (50mins)
Skin renewal treatment with fruit acids. Radiant complexion, luminous, lightening and anti-age spots, younger-looking skin.

B-TOX Facial ~ $95 (1hr 15min)
Reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements. Improve the tone, elasticity and moisture of the skin.

Beaute Aromatique ~ $75 (60min)
Balanced Skin a radiant complexion intense well-being,   using 100% natural with essential oils and plant concentrates to  massage gently helps these precious essential oils to penetrate deep into the  skin, where they diffuse their natural energy

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